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YC Films are not like any other films in Christian streaming, and they are not meant to be!

The very first thing God did (at the beginning of earth's history, that is) was to create (Genesis 1). We believe God can move powerfully through the mediums of art and creativity, and our films seek to introduce, promote, or exhort the Gospel in one-of-a-kind ways, while fully utilizing the great traditions of theatrics, genres, and arts.


Flame (Riley Unterbug), in a corner of the insane asylum in Escape from the Grand Guignol. This side hallway at You Connection's theatre and production facility appears frequently in YC films.

That Looks Familiar

We want all YC stories to exist in the same YC universe, so we have made a conscious decision to create the same general atmosphere in each film despite the differences of genres, time periods, etc. That means you see a lot of the same props, and actually, our theatre and production facility is often used and reused for numerous locations. Yes, we admit to this being a budgetary consideration as well as an artistic one due to the amount of projects we have per year, but the result is an internally consistent collection of films that can only truly exist right here on YC Web- an exclusive world just for You Connection followers!


They Look Familiar

You Connection has an ongoing performing troupe of both monthly Resident Performers as well as recurring performers who take part in all YC media and theatre projects. This only adds to the "shared universe" feel of YC films, and unlike ordinary streaming sites, gives viewers the opportunity to connect with the same actors in a variety of different roles and films.


Escape from the Grand Guignol is an example of an amalgam of styles- pulling from Grand Guignol horror plays to psychological thriller to surrealism to rock musical- as well as a dense theological look at truth, paradoxes, and the struggle between Christianity and secular opposition.

Loaded Content

All YC projects are meant to be explored- though entertaining, they are meant to make viewers think, ponder, discuss. Therefore, YC films can be regarded as "theological works in theatrical form", with dense perspectives on the Word of God and how Christ relates to us both personally and principally. Do not be fooled by the visual or budgetary simplicity of YC films. Netflix is for entertainment. YC Web is for exploration.

Artistically, YC films regularly blend styles together into a curious hybrid, taking elements from musicals, film genres, and classical storytelling and merging them into a unique format that is intended to stand out from other films, and make the viewer pay attention that much more.


Is That the Only Outfit They Own?

YC films represent independent filmmaking in its purest form. We are a nonprofit company unaffiliated with any business conglomerates or ministry networks- so "shoestrings, duct tape, and peanuts" are our normal production tools. Because there is an unreal, parable-like quality to all YC stories, the idea of giving characters only one costume change is a shoestring idea that easily fits in with the world of fables, like comic book characters who are often identifiable by the way they look, which is why Superman also never wears a different outfit. (This also betrays our live theatre side of YC, since costume changes are often minimized or not done at all during live performances.)

Founder/Director Matt Kramer states, "Good writing and good acting are the two most important things. Is it written well and is it performed well? That's the quality standard for pretty much all films. Editing and sound come next, then camerawork and lighting, and budget is, in my opinion, last. If the script is engaging and the actors are professional-grade, nobody could care less about the size of the budget. You Connection has got it where it counts, and that makes a difference not only in the presentation, but in the message."

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