About YC WEB

You Connection Web provides free viewing for a variety of ages, while sharing the powerful truth of the Gospel. YC Web is produced by You Connection, a faith-based nonprofit using theatre, media, and the creative arts to promote Christian values to audiences online and in the Dallas, Texas, area. We preach the hardcore, uncompromising message of the Gospel through wildly inventive theatre shows, videos, and more, reaching out especially to those who respond to the visual and performing arts! Find out more about who we are on our main site www.youconnection.org

YC Web is made up of:

You Connection Movies

YC Movies are unlike any Christian films you've seen- off-beat and theatrical, presenting a powerful message through highly one-of-a-kind creativity. Like our theatre shows, our movies are musicals (another rarity in the Christian film world), appealing to viewers who might enjoy The Greatest Showman, Newsies, La La Land, or Willy Wonka. . . .but powered by the impactful and uncompromising message of the Gospel! YC Movies have no specific age demographic and are geared for general audience.

TARGET AGE: all ages


The YC Web Channel

Get ready for hours of free, faith-filled fun with a crazy collection of skits, series, and other videos designed specifically for ages 7-12! Join Mr. Q, Flo, Gracie, Kieri, and a host of outrageous characters in loads of entertaining Bible-based content!

TARGET AGE: ages 7-12


Geared for older viewers (adults, young adults, teens, and pre-teens), YCTV features informative Bible-based teaching videos and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of You Connection. The League of Fringe, a web series for teens/pre-teens, is currently in development.

TARGET AGE: teens, pre-teens, young adults, adults

YC Web movies and videos are free to watch and free to download (we are a donation-based nonprofit organization so we do not make a profit off of our theatre shows, videos, or websites).


All videos are clean and Christian-based; however, our material can deal with relevant cultural topics and what the Bible says about current issues, so our productions are designed to not only entertain you, but to enrich, encourage, teach, explain, or to simply make you think.

We generally do not recommend You Connection for preschoolers. YC Movies may contain intense or disturbing moments for very small children.

You Connection adheres to the traditional Christian faith, according to the Bible and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. See more about our core values at our main site www.youconnection.org