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About YC WEB

YC WEB is a free Christian streaming site presenting relevant, hardcore Gospel messages in wildly imaginative films, webisodes, and more. Specifically designed to be a funky alternative to mainstream video sites like Pure Flix or Minno, YC WEB targets a variety of ages with strong, solid, Bible-based content packaged in highly creative ways. All material is produced by You Connection, a dynamic theatre and media company, and is free to view or download.

YC WEB features a highly original, experimental style that is intended to be unlike anything else you'll see on the Internet, appealing to viewers who need to connect with the reality of Christ in a hip, funky, arty, whimsical way. The YC presentation is based on the uniquely singular creative style of founder/director/writer Matt Kramer.

You Connection is a professional Christian theatre and media organization in Dallas, Texas, adhering to the traditional Christian faith and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. See our Core Values or more about our organization at our main site

All films and videos are clean (no swearing, off-color content, or graphic violence). However, You Connection is designed to make audiences think- to challenge secular norms, convict the soul, and proclaim the Gospel of Christ. While entertaining, the goal of YC WEB is not to entertain, but to present deep theology in creative ways; all content is strongly suitable for discussions, Bible studies, or simply to receive a new perspective on Christ and the world around us.

YC Web is made up of:

You Connection Movies

You Connection Movies are a one-of-a-kind viewing experience, combining YC's outlandish storytelling and unique experimental style with the impactful and uncompromising message of the Gospel!

TARGET AGE: varied


Geared for older viewers (adults, young adults, teens, and pre-teens), YCTV features a variety of videos, such as The League of Fringe (a miniseries for teens/pre-teens/adults), filmed performances from our theatre shows, behind-the-scenes, and biblical instructional videos.

TARGET AGE: teens, pre-teens, young adults, adults


The YC Web Channel

Join Mr. Q, Flo, Gracie, Kieri, and a host of outrageous characters in a sketch comedy series specifically designed for ages 7-12. YC Web's original series of videos, produced from 2015-2019, features hours of Bible-based content with the humor, quirk, and whimsy of You Connection!

TARGET AGE: ages 7-12

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