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About YC WEB

YC Web is a free Christian streaming site for all ages, presenting the impactful truth of Christ in wildly imaginative films, webisodes, and more.

All content is original and exclusive to YC Web, reaching a worldwide audience, with thousands of visitors every month from the US, the UK, Australia, South Africa, Canada, France, and more!

About You Connection


You Connection is a professional Christian media and theatre organization in Dallas, Texas, adhering to the traditional Christian faith and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. See our Core Values or more about our organization at our main site

About the Content


YC Web content is designed for viewers who respond more to Netflix-style content, independent films, foreign films, musicals, offbeat genres, and highly imaginative works similar to Tim Burton, Wes Anderson, and classic storytelling like Charles Dickens and Lewis Carroll. YC films and media thrive on low budget, independent production, with strong focus on character, content, creativity, and impact.

Infused in this wild frenzy of creativity is the uncompromising Gospel of Jesus Christ- always overtly and uniquely expressed, explained, defended, and proclaimed in artistically ingenious ways!

There is no swearing, off-color or inappropriate sexual content on YC Web. However, You Connection is designed to make audiences think- to challenge secular norms, convict the soul, and proclaim the Gospel of Christ. While entertaining, the goal of YC Web is not to entertain, but to present deep theology in creative ways; all content is strongly suitable for discussions, Bible studies, or simply to receive a new perspective on Christ and the world around us.

If anyone ministers, let him do it as with the ability which God supplies, that in all things God may be glorified through Jesus Christ. (1 Peter 4:11)

YC Web has a creative style similar to the titles below. EXAMPLES ONLY - WE DO NOT STREAM THESE TITLES


Most Christian streaming content lacks the imagination, creativity, or ingenuity of the secular market. YC is here to prove that God is a creative God and can be glorified in highly imaginative works!

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YC Photo Gallery

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Matt Kramer is the Founder & Director of You Connection, as well as writer and composer of all YC projects, including YC Web films and videos.

A visionary with a singular style and a lifelong passion for using creativity to spread the Gospel, Matt formed You Connection, Inc, in 2013. Prior to YC, he spent twenty-plus years working in arts, media, and ministry. Matt is an award-winning videographer who has also worked in mainstream television (including the 90s PBS series Wishbone); he co-founded a performing arts company in the early 2000s, with further experience in church ministry and book publishing. Find out more about Matt on the YouVerse page


You Connection has an ongoing troupe, including monthly Resident Performers and recurring performers, who make up the professional performance team responsible for bringing YC to life in both film and live theatre. The team is comprised of all ages- kids, teens, adults- from a variety of theatre, film, music, and performance backgrounds.


RESIDENT CAST: Matt Kramer, Monique Amado, Mitzi Holdren, Catelyn Lawrence, Ashley Tone, Jonathan Rizzo, Michael Solomon


YC CAST: Clint Doggett, Elayne Doggett, Riley Unterbug, Ryn Unterbug, Owen Garcia, Caiden Garcia, Noah Garcia, Sasha Saynor, Kate Pritchett, Lainey Gerard, Maya Howard, Hannah Black, Jeff Schonhoff, Avery Krizan, Alison Schonhoff, Natalie Chapman

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