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Rainbow Shoes

Length: 90 min.

Ages/Content: preteen - adult; mature themes & symbolisms (see Viewer Content)

Released: 2020


Set entirely in a whimsical backstage, a host of curious pantomime characters proceed to tell a tale of a peddler who offers happiness in the form of shoes. But horrid consequences await anyone who puts on the shoes, and the peddler turns out to be far sinister than he first appears, in an age-old story of temptation, redemption, and the freedom that one Savior paid for on the cross. Despite its apparent simplicity, Rainbow Shoes is one of YC's most quietly subversive stories, as well as our most "experimental film" in tone and presentation.

Production Notes:

This film was produced very unexpectedly in 2020 due to the vast shutdowns and public hysteria caused by news of the COVID virus, and may reflect a certain spontaneity or clunkiness in technique and staging. This is the second full-length film produced for YC Web, following NightWorld in the same year, and was produced a year earlier than planned to keep You Connection going when live theatre was temporarily halted (and also produced during a time of great transition in YC's internal team and production output). NOTE: Downloading only available on laptops and computers, not phones.


Rainbow Shoes

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Rainbow Shoes is fashioned after the traditional British pantomime, which combines fairy tale storytelling with slapstick, singing, and theatrics. It was originally tailored for working-class audiences, and featured elements found in Rainbow Shoes such as the harlequin host, the dastardly villain, the young boy hero and girl hero, and highly theatrical storytelling.

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