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Length: 75 min.

Ages/Content: 7 - adult; FAMILY FEATURE

Released: 2020


NightWorld is a ruined city where light is strictly forbidden. But a revolution is stirring within the walls of the crumbling NightWorld Academy, in this dramatic musical tale about religious and personal rights, social conformity, and shining your light in the midst of a dark and unbelieving world. Geared more specifically for family viewing.

Production Notes:

This film was produced very unexpectedly in 2020 due to the vast shutdowns and public hysteria caused by news of the COVID virus, and may reflect a certain spontaneity or clunkiness in technique and staging. This is the first full-length film produced for YC Web, followed by Rainbow Shoes, and was produced a year earlier than planned to keep You Connection going when live theatre was temporarily halted (and also produced during a time of great transition in YC's internal team and production output). NOTE: Downloading only available on laptops and computers, not phones.



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NightWorld focuses on the 1962 Supreme Court ruling in America which removed prayer (and effectively, God) from public schools. Statistics from Wallbuilders confirms that the state of the school system as well as American society in general has spiraled downward ever since. Why? Because God is the foundation of everything in the world He created (Colossians 1:16), and removing His presence removes His favor.

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