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Okay, so Kieri is the digital host of the Kieri Computer System (which powers this whole website), so Flo and I thought we should give her a playlist of her own. So this is it. As you'll see, life inside a computer is just as weird and imperfect as the human world. Kieri's very charming, very spunky, and a little mischievous, and she makes life better, worse, or crazier for her human users- sweet-natured Lilly, sensible Jenny, and trendy, tech-obsessed Jazmyn, all the while learning that God is the only one who can keep your system from crashing. (Psst! You don't have to be a girl to like this playlist; boys are allowed to watch it, too :)


As for God, His way is perfect.

Psalms 18:30


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