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Megsie: A Pilgrim's Progress

Length: 65 min.

Ages: 7 - adult


Fed up with the lonely suburb of Rotten, young Megsie puts on her backpack and sets out on a fantastic journey through a bizarre urban fantasy world. Along the way she encounters a host of curious characters who personify the friends, foes, temptations, and choices we all have to make on the path of life, including the one choice that will seal Megsie's salvation forever. This thoroughly original and musical spin on John Bunyan's groundbreaking novel has the theatrical and experimental flair of You Connection, but retains the life-changing message of Bunyan's immortal tale- a perfect way to reintroduce the story to those who have never read it! Downloading only available on laptops and computers, not phones.


Megsie: A Pilgrim's Progress

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