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For content that doesn't fit anywhere else on the site, YCTV is a curious grab bag of viewing, featuring behind-the-scenes videos that explore You Connection- our vision, our projects, and the Word of God.


How to Thrive on Independent Budgets

18 min.

Visionmaker Event with Matt Kramer

54 min.

Genres, Styles, and the Tradition of the Arts

13 min.

Acting - The Faces of YC

5 min.

The Art of Influence Part 2

17 min.

7 Easter Eggs in YC Films

7 min.

Auteurism - The Writing & Music of YC

10 min.

The Art of Influence Part 1

26 min.

The Art of Influence Part 3

19 min.

George MacDonald Bio

10 min.

Behind the Grand Guignol

1:30 min.

Grand Guignol Interview

2:30 min.

John Bunyan Bio

4:30 min.

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