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Length: TBA

Ages: 13 - adult (preteens generally welcome)

Release: May 29


Phantastes is a classic tale by Scottish author and minister George MacDonald, who pioneered both Christian fiction and the fantasy genre, influencing Christian writers like C.S. Lewis and Oswald Chambers but also redefining the now-standard tropes of fantasy storytelling. MacDonald was one of the first prominent Christians (like John Bunyan before him) to recognize the power of fusing theology and creativity together, and is largely responsible for the mission and presentation style that You Connection has today.

On MAY 29, YC Web brings you a steampunk variation of MacDonald's novel, a fantasy rock musical about young Anodos and his crossing over the border to a supernatural world. You Connection presents a surreal, grungy allegory of the unseen battle between angels and demons, as well as a satirical, self-referential defense of the (sometimes controversial) use of fantasy and fairy tale elements to present the Gospel message. 


Phantastes Teaser #2

George MacDonald: Of Faith and Fantasy

First Phantastes Teaser!

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