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Music is a huge part of YC, with catchy tunes and deep, tough lyrics that edify and convict. The Mp3 Collection features a sampling of songs from YC Web films (hero and villain songs), providing a deeper understanding of both the biblical worldview and secular viewpoints- a tuneful way to understand the confusing culture around us! Listen to or download for free!

* As stated, some songs in this collection are villain or opposition songs; while equally impactful, they must be listened to in context of the character and his/her motivations in the story, and not as a song in praise of non-Christian beliefs or practices (see song details below). Some songs may contain mature themes, so parental discretion advised for younger listeners.

Song List/Credits:

All Music, Lyrics, Tracks written & produced by Matt Kramer

1. Deep Poor Creature - George MacDonald's Phantastes - Catelyn Lawrence, Ashley Tone - a supernatural anthem

2. At the End of the Day - NightWorld - Molly May Rockwell - solid ground or sandy ground

3. I Will Stand - NightWorld - Catelyn Lawrence - Ephesians 6:13 & 2 Timothy 4:11

4. Magnesia's Song - NightWorld - Ashley Tone - song of an evangelist

5. Sing if You're Glad to Be Saved - NightWorld - Emma Rogers - don't be ashamed of the Gospel

6. Come Let Me Tell You - Rainbow Shoes - Andrea Malcolm, Amelie Lopez, Emma Rogers - the harlequins' song

7. The First Time in History - Rainbow Shoes - Samuel Ea & Cast - the anthem of rebellion

8. Humanist Fantasy World - Rainbow Shoes - Molly May Rockwell - the humanist's plea

9. Hey You (The Peddler's Rant) - Rainbow Shoes - Matt Kramer - the devil's rant against Christ

10. My Diagnosis - Escape from the Grand Guignol - Cast - the persecuted church

11. Slight Angle to the Universe - Escape from the Grand Guignol - Catelyn Lawrence - an exploration

12. I Owe Everything to the Red Light District - Escape from the Grand Guignol - Ashley Tone - the addict's anthem

13. See the World - Megsie: A Pilgrim's Progress - Samuel Ea - a song of faith

14. Handel Revisited - Megsie: A Pilgrim's Progress - Ashley Tone - a Handel's Messiah remix

15. Ad Infinitum - Megsie: A Pilgrim's Progress - Cast - the world's temptations

16. Finders, Keepers - Megsie: A Pilgrim's Progress - Tonya Shaw - the devil's desire for souls

17. My Life - Little Crooked House - Cast - doo-wop existentialism 

18. Big, Mean, Red, Green, Horrifying, Terrifying Thing - Little Crooked House - Cast - don't always believe the hype

19. My First Love - Little Crooked House - Riley Unterbug - a 1950s love song

21. Amazing Grace - Bubblegum Dream Machine - Riley Unterbug - the Jesus Freak version

22. Dangerous Way - Bubblegum Dream Machine - Sasha Saynor - a warning of modern culture

23. Judy on the Moon - Bubblegum Dream Machine - Catelyn Lawrence - discovering the truth Beatles-style

24. Unicorns and Lollipops - Bubblegum Dream Machine - Ryn Unterbug - a bubblegum song of truth

25. Turned Me All Around - Bubblegum Dream Machine - Ashley Tone, Catelyn Lawrence, Caiden Garcia, Owen Garcia - salvation, Archies-style

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