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Little Crooked House

Length: TBA

Ages: 13 - adult (preteens generally welcome)

Release: 2023


Set in the sock-hopping final days of the Eisenhower era, when girls wore poodle skirts, the malt shop was the place to be, and life was just absolutely perfect, this bop-shoo-wop musical explores sin, salvation, and the deep, dark secrets of the human heart. Breeze through old-time television, from a curious variety show to a corny sci-fi B-movie to the network movie of the week (in glorious RCA color), and follow a tale of a door-to-door salesman who offers lifelong happiness at a very affordable price. . . .but with ghastly consequences. This quirky and biting satire is currently in development and will be available NEXT SUMMER 2023!

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