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Wonderland Theatre Co - Live Performance

Length: 65 min.

Ages: 7 - adult


You Connection Theatre is our live performance division, producing professional Christian theatre shows in the Dallas, Texas, area. Our theatrical productions are intimate, thought-provoking, and highly immersive, bringing audiences right into the show, with characters moving all around them, in and out of hidden entrances, allowing people of all ages to not just experience a show, but a unique presentation of the Gospel, in pure musical theatre style!

Wonderland Theatre Co is a faith-filled interpretation of Alice in Wonderland, as Alice Liddell takes a summer job at a curious theatre full of bizarre characters, who lead her on a confusing, but ultimately enlightening, exploration of the truth- about life, salvation, and all eternity.

This video was recorded throughout a performance weekend in September 2021; several performances were combined together to create the video, and everything is live and "raw", including vocals which only use the natural acoustics of the YC facility, without mics. For YC Web fans who can't make it to Dallas, Texas, here's a chance to see a full YC Theatre show right here on the web, featuring most of the same performers who populate our films and videos!


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