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Conversations of Faith

Length: varied, most 10-20 min.

Ages: teen to adult


You Connection is deeply rooted in the Word of God, and we are not afraid to discuss the uncompromising reality of Jesus Christ in a culture that continually seeks to water down, contaminate, and eliminate the Gospel. These discussions with YC founder/director Matt Kramer dig deep into some tricky and often-confusing subjects and are informative and edifying for old believers, new believers, or unbelievers who may be asking some of these questions. Conversations also explores You Connection's ongoing mission to use the arts as a powerful way to impact people with the Gospel, in our discourse The Art of Influence.


The Art of Influence Part 1: Creativity and Culture

26 min.

The Art of Influence Part 2: Be the Music Makers

17 min.

The Art of Influence Part 3: Answering the Call

19 min.

Awakening Promo

1 min.

ON BOOK: Being Counterculture

12 min.

ON BOOK: How Do You Know the Bible is True?

12 min.

(The verse reference toward the end of the video is 1 Peter 2:15-16)

ON BOOK: Knowing the Word

10 min.

ON BOOK: Is the Old Testament Irrelevant?

10 min.

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